Eclipse Ready

In less than a week, we will experience a full solar eclipse – one of the most rare and incredible solar events of our time. In honor of that, we’re sharing one of the more unique solar events we at Draft have captured on camera: the Midnight Sun filmed in Alta, Norway in May of 2013.

Watch Voyage for FREE!

Voyage is now available for FREE on Amazon Prime and Vimeo! Slow down, turn your phone off, and enjoy a trip down the river. Laugh, explore, and experience the beauty in this feature length documentary produced by Draft!

To learn more about Voyage, click here.

Together, We Thrive.

We are always grateful to work with ORNL Federal Credit Union! This particular concept has proven to be one of our favorites of all-time with the brand. It’s honest, candidly shot, and features only genuinely local people – all right on brand with ORNL Credit Union. The script is written to educate, excite, and showcase the concept of a financial cooperative, while featuring scenes that totally resonate to East Tennessee natives. As they say, “Together, we thrive”!

Stay Scruffy, Knoxville.

Check out a glimpse of some footage we shot for HGTV’s Urban Oasis! More to follow!

8mm Chalkboard

Chalk it up to a good work week and a better weekend.

Resilience > Injury

Our crew met up with East Tennessee native Jeff House to discuss his injury-plagued career, recovery process, and current state-of-mind. See what keeps Jeff inspired to keep riding and why he’s considered one of the most stylish athletes the sport of wakeboarding has ever seen.

Heart & Soul & Small Business

Small business is the heart and soul of the American economy. It takes grit and determination to grow and develop a concept from scratch. So in that spirit, we took a little time out of our day and had a quick conversation with two local business owners – Craig and Kerry Myers – founders of Backroads Market & Designs on Sutherland Avenue near Downtown Knoxville, about their new venture and passion for creating both products and experiences that can last a lifetime.

Holy Mustache!

Check out this spotlight on Collin Harrington, a VOYAGE crew member and one of the most talented guys in the boardsports industry. Calm, cool, and collected – just some of the words that immediately come to mind when you think of Collin Harrington. Others – curious…clever….holy mustache! Watch Voyage for FREE at!

Film is fascinating.

When was the last time you took a picture and didn’t instantly see the image? The unknown, unpredictable, old school image from a $40 Holga can be just as exciting to shoot as a $4,000 DSLR. We hope you enjoy some of this recently processed film from a trip to NYC this summer. And next time you take an adventure, consider enjoying a break from tech and a rendezvous with film.

F I R E L I G H T > C I T Y L I G H T

We love having fun with friends. And yes, sometimes we take our camera along. This was one of those times. The fireflies were raging up in Elkmont in the Great Smoky Mountains and afterwards it was time to calm down and enjoy a little campfire and good times. Fortunately, our friends who had invited us also brought along an illuminated hula hoop and, duh, we filmed it. It was a weekend to remember!

We thought it’d be fun to make an edit that juxtaposed city light and fire light. And although the hula hoop was illuminated with batteries it still felt as natural as our presence at our campsite…a place far away from civilization and city lights and altogether connected with nature.

Ice is back with a brand new vision.

Draft was asked to concept, direct, shoot, edit, and color the VIP Season 7 promo for the Vanilla Ice Project with the man, the myth, the legend…Vanilla Ice, aka Rob Van Winkle in sunny Miami. The idea was to focus on the hard work and effort that Ice invests into every stage of his renovations, showcasing him as his true badass self and and not just the colorful character he portrays on TV.

And to answer your questions: Yes, he is a genuinely great guy. Yes, he rhymes constantly. And yes (of course), he’s vegetarian.

A Decade of Draft

Draft celebrated 10 years in business in May of 2017! To thank all of our clients and employees of past, present, and future, we threw the party of the decade (eh, see what we did there)! We celebrated with expansive displays of our portfolio of work, created a short film to tell our story, enjoyed a fun photo booth, catered food from all kinds of local downtown food & drink vendors, and – of course – ended the night with a champagne toast!

It was epic, to say the least. Thank you to everyone who came out and celebrated with us!

Travel is food for the soul.

Our President and Founder Alex Oliver recently took a trip to wine country and came back with this little short film…

Locations visited: Pebble Beach, Carmel, Monterrey, East Bay, Sonoma, Napa, Baker Beach, Twin Peaks, and more.

Meet the Craftsmen

In our recent “Craftsmanship” commercial campaign for Aubrey’s Restaurants, we selected and interviewed three different entrepreneurial minded craftsmen who each represent a unique and high quality company here in Knoxville. These are the guys who, along with many other non-featured craftsmen and women, make Aubrey’s such a great restaurant for both its patrons and the East Tennessee community at large.

The 2nd Annual Smoky Mountain Crawl

Tons of scooters, curvy roads, adventure, and friends…this is the 2nd annual Smoky Mountain Crawl presented by MNNTHBX (say: “Man in the Box”).

Behind the Scenes: Tennessee Valley Fair 2016

Remember the excitement you felt as a child going to the Fair for the first time? Well, we do too! So we thought, “what better way to get in touch with our childhood than with arts and crafts time?”. We wanted to capture the magic, the whimsy, if you will, that is the Tennessee Valley Fair in their latest commercial! Here’s a behind the scenes look of all the fun we had! Can’t wait for this year!

Guns 'n Charity

The Draft team had a great time at the Russell Biven Summer Clayfest Tournament 2016! All proceeds from the event go directly to Helen Ross McNabb Center which offers mental health, substance abuse, and social services in 20 counties across East Tennessee. Here’s a quick look at the fun!

Behind the Scenes: "Helmet Safety"

It’s always a pleasure working with our friends at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital. Recently we made a new commercial for them promoting helmet safety. Here’s a behind the scenes look at all the fun we had! Enjoy!

Fabric for Freedom

Wow! What a tedious, intricate, and creative process this has been.

We are working with the non-profit Sak Saum to help raise awareness of their brand and cause.

Sak Saum is dedicated to the rescue, restoration, transformation, and rehabilitation of vulnerable and exploited Cambodian men and women.
They provide a self-sustaining ministry focused on vocational training such as sewing and creating beautiful clothes and accessories.

Sak Saum asked Draft to create a campaign that would bring light to their mission and encourage others to get involved however they can.

Our idea? Bring the cloth to life. We selected an image of one of the women they have helped set free from trafficking and abuse and are using a numeric color grid to develop the soon-to-be large form art piece.

So have a look…do you see the eye?
More updates soon!'s better shared.

Sometimes we just feel the urge to create something fun…like this. Enjoy this quick animation in celebration of summer. Keep sharing, keep loving.

Wanna create something fun together? Give us a shout!


Sit with that for just a second.

Most parents believe once a child is buckled, they are safe. According to National Statistics, 4 out of 5 child safety seats are IMPROPERLY installed. What’s more? According to East Tennessee Children’s Hospital, those numbers are low for the Knoxville DMA, meaning more children are at risk here in Tennessee than the national average shows. It is FREE to have your child’s car seat checked and the process should only take between 15-30 minutes. All that said, we knew it would be a lot of trial and error and so our team documented our behind-the-scenes process to show a glimpse at what goes on inside Draft when handed such a creative challenge.

To see the finished 15-second PSA Draft conceptualized and produced for East Tennessee Children’s Hospital, click here.

Scooters, Ziplines, Beers, & One Pimped Out Limo

The Smoky Mountain Crawl is back and bigger than ever! Our friends at MNNTHBX (say: “Man in the Box”) have captured the scooter community by storm with their now annual event held in the Smokies on the world-famous Tail of the Dragon US-129.

Check out the recap video of last years event and mark your calendar for June 10-12 for the 2016 Crawl! Tons of scooters, beer*, ziplines, climbing, and even a crazy pimped out limo from MNNTHBX.

To learn more about the event (and to join the ride), visit

*Don’t drink and scoot.

A 6,500 foot Sunset

“I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in.” – John Muir

Seeing as how passion doesn’t really have a 9-5 schedule, we figured we’d document our hike to Mount LeConte in the Great Smoky Mountains just for fun. If you’re looking to relax a bit, click full-screen, sit back and enjoy!

For the techies in the group, this was all shot on a Zeiss 50mm prime lens on a Sony A7s. for the film burn looks, we used a process called “free-lensing” (which sounds a lot, uh, “nicer” than the other term for this technique: “lens whacking”). It should be said, free lensing is not a safe technique. Try at your own risk…and please, don’t overdo it.

Signed, Wax Sealed, Delivered

We made some handmade swag in honor of our name change for clients and crew.

Fun story: we made all these bad boys by hand. We couldn’t find a box that fit how we liked, so our crew designed a template cut-out and sent it to a local print shop then folded and packaged each one meticulously by hand…finished with a custom wax seal and all!

Every cool company needs a sign.

On 3.16.16 we launched our new name,Draft (formerly JAOPRO), and had a little fun with our sign switch.

It’s really fun to work around a crew who can even make a sign swap “cool”. Haha! Enjoy!

Don't be a sad banana!

One of our animator’s (who just so happens to be our VP of Creative, Brian McNew) having some fun over the weekend! Check out more of his works on his personal Instagram page @CoffeeAndKeyframes

Say Hello to East Tennessee's AAF "Best in Show" for Online Video.

“Kitty Hawk’d” is part of our Draft Mode series. This is our playground of sorts. This is where we cut loose, do what we want to do and tell stories we want to tell and “Kitty Hawk’d” is third in our series. This time, we chose Young-Williams Animal Center in Knoxville, Tn to be the beneficiary of our tale. See what furry friend you can adopt today at!

We would also like to thank Smoky Mountain Traders for the use of their amazing 1960 Chevy Impala!

And we also wish to thank Hunter Valley Farm for the use of their conveniently placed beach!