Character | Pryor Priest & Harber

Character. Not Characters.

Draft was tasked with the challenge of creating a commercial series for a personal injury law firm in East Tennessee. That’s no easy task with the amount of subpar and downright foolish personal injury law commercials cluttering the marketplace…you’ve seen them: the crazy, screaming, ambulance-chasing types that are just down right embarrassing to watch.

Pryor Priest & Harber set out to change what it means to be a personal injury lawyer. Driven by high morals and integrity, their team entrusted Draft to concept and produce their first venture into television advertising. We realized that one simple thing separated their group from the rest of the field: character. In a flooded market of screaming lawyers riding jet skis with checks in hand (no, really), we pinned down the concept: Character. Not Characters. This simple distinction paved the way for a series of spots driven by character.

Their firm is thriving in the marketplace and has gained notoriety as the trusted experts who fight to achieve earnest results for their clients.


  • Concept
  • Production
  • Edit/Post
  • Media Strategy