Protomet | Ideas Realized

When precision is your DNA, it’s natural to be the industry leader.

Protomet contacted Draft in 2016 asking our team to think up a video concept that would work as a brand introduction to other businesses and new clients. As a sponsor of our independent film Voyage, we were familiar with the quality of Protomet products (and their division PTM Edge). What we didn’t realize is their enormous capability to evolve products from pencil and paper into state-of-the-art custom fabrications. Their factory is absolutely next level and packed full of employees and engineers who create amazing products for all kinds of industries including auto, marine, defense, and more.

Protomet isn’t joking when they say precision is their cornerstone. So when our team began researching and writing the video script, we knew we had to capture the energy and passion their team has for designing solutions and creatively manufacturing the best billet aluminum products on the planet. Our goal was to take a very complex machining and design process and make it human. We achieved that by explaining and showing how their products find their way into our everyday lives.



  • Concept
  • Production
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  • Motion Graphics
  • Photography
  • Media Strategy