Let's bring amazing ideas to life.

Draft is a creative agency driven to create works that not only impress our clients, but also meet our own high standards. We believe art has no formal boundaries and should co-exist within every concept we create. We are here to imagine great things, chase curiosity, and – most importantly – bring those ideas to life. We will never stop thinking, writing, scribbling, shooting, and dreaming. Great ideas exist within everyone, it’s what you do with them that counts.

Think up. It’s what we do.

Draft employees are a special breed.

We are a group of inspired dreamers and doers. To mix up the typical bios, we had each person on the team write about someone else on the team…enjoy!

Alex Oliver | President, CEO

“Bold, fearless, courageous…he’s a natural born leader and an inspiration to us all (that is, as long as he’s had his pretentious, pour over coffee in the morning). Alex Oliver’s vision for our company is clear…which is great because we’d follow him blindly anywhere.”

Rogan Oliver | Sr. Vice President, CMO

“Our resident expert in fishing and smoked meats, Rogan also knows a thing or two about maximizing the impact of an ad campaign through media placement. With his 25+ years of experience, our clients consistently hit their goals under his direction.”

Blake Waring | VP Operations, COO

“A man of refined tastes, Blake dwells effortlessly in the chaos that inevitably ensues between client and creative. He has the mind of a businessman and the hands of a craftsman, making him imperative in toning in the ridiculousness of many creative meetings.”

Carson Hunt | Senior Producer

“As one of the best storytellers any of us know, Carson’s attention to detail is really amazing. Loves comics. Loves music. Carson is a very passionate person who knows what he believes, and is open-minded at the same time. He could easily be a voice actor, but prefers to direct and shoot. Confident and highly creative, his input is always something to be listened to…”

Dana Nies | Creative Supervisor

They say great things come in small packages, and since we’re pretty sure Dana can fold up nicely into our largest Pelican case, we’re proud to have such greatness on our team. Like a human three-ring circus, she’s juggling creative concepts on a tightrope of logistics, all while simultaneously creating and taming wild ideas day in and day out.”

Jamison Stalsworth | Producer

“Although his original Draft debut was as a zombie in a 2013 commercial campaign, he formally joined the ranks in 2017. As a father of four, he may as well be a zombie without his 6 cups of coffee every day. When you enter the office, you’re sure to see him with either a coffee cup, ukulele, or puppet. Oh yeah, and he is an insanely talented storyteller…let’s just call him Draft’s very own Tim Burton.”

Nick Oliver | Digital Strategy Director

“By day a social media Jedi, by night a ‘smooth operator’ on his living room dance floor, Nick is our secret weapon. From Death Metal mosh pitter to rap aficionado, his musical tastes are unparalleled. He is an integral part of our team and has an overwhelming knowledge about digital marketing, search, and social.”

Carrie Lu$ter | Controller

“An accountant with a creative flair is a rare find, but that’s Carrie… rare and remarkable. She’s equally happy crunching numbers in her office as she is concepting with the team in the boardroom. After her early morning deadlifts at the gym, she usually arrives at the shop ready with a story about a stray she’s rescued, a muscle she’s pulled, or a new paperless system she wants to implement. All giving her a thrill none of us can relate to.”

Stacey Oliver | Hospitality / Make Up Artist

“Certified and trained as a hair stylist, makeup artist and yoga instructor (not simultaneously), her true gift lies in her servant’s heart. Stacey always has a smile to share and a hot meal on the way, making her excel in her official role of ‘Hospitality Coordinator,’ but let’s get real – she is the greatest Shopmom in the history of shops or moms. We are blessed to have her array of talents and relentless positivity here at Draft!”

Jasmine Fox | Project Manager


Briscoe Bear | Shop Dog, Vibes

“Briscoe pretends to be a fierce and loyal protector, but let’s be honest – his ridiculously fuzzy ears are a dead giveaway that he is a sweetheart who just wants his belly rubbed. He plays a key role at Draft as ‘Employee Morale Enhancer.’ He is loved by all and feared by none. (Just don’t tell him that).”