Discovery | Barnwood Builders

When the Barnwood Builders call, you go.

In early 2018, Draft got a call to head deep into the wonderful and wild woods of West Virginia. Our task? Shoot a gritty, badass promo to announce the 7th Season of Barnwood Builders. We didn’t have to look far, hell…anywhere, to find cool things to shoot. It was every boy’s dream come true: tomahawk targets, massive Lincoln Log-esque house construction, a hot-iron blacksmithing station, and tools of every shape and size imaginable (oh, and maybe a little shine just to top it off).

Led by Mark Bowe, we documented the guys during a “normal” work day and racked up loads of incredible content to create one helluva promo (if we do say so ourselves).

Shot on Arri Alexa Mini’s, we walked away with heaps of exciting footage from all kinds of unique angles. Enjoy the broadcast promo and a short sizzle of what missed the cut below…