HGTV “Coming Home” | Brand Refresh

HGTV is coming home.

In early 2018, HGTV asked Draft to help them refresh their overall brand look and feel. Over the course of their popularity, the brand had naturally found itself in a very elite position that didn’t totally represent their humble roots. Their on-air talent has entered the world of celebrity status (think “Chip & Jo”) and with ever-increasing network ratings they’ve caught the attention – and dollars – of Discovery, securing a nearly $12 Billion acquisition deal.

They wanted to show the world that despite their mega-success, HGTV is still down home and real. The goal was to kill misconceptions of perfection. It’s time to show that not everyday brings a perfectly renovated home…that there are bigger things in life than shiplap.

And so, we helped creatively showcase the brand through its strengths, struggles, imperfections, successes, and everything in between. With every shot choice, we wanted to create a piece that served as a mirror into the lives of viewers. We threw perfection to the wind and made the story king – choosing shots because of their subtext or feeling rather than their resolution. In the end, “Coming Home” received overwhelming positive reviews in peer groups and surveys and is now on-air in the US and international markets.