The Tomato Head

Bold. Unique. Handmade. Memorable.

In summer of 2016, The Tomato Head asked Draft to create a unique and memorable campaign to launch their all-new “Tomato Head Pantry” line of products beginning with their bold hummus. We were told to be irreverent, weird, “out there”…because, you know, it’s just hummus.

And so “out there” is exactly where we went. The concept needed to reflect the hummus and Tomato Head brand itself – Bold. Unique. Handmade. Memorable. I mean c’mon – there slogan is even quirky: “Food gotta cook. Don’t come out of a can.”

No cliches or corporate safety slogans here, just maintain the brand voice: fun, simple, and creative. We took inspiration from the way Tomato Head played with and responded to a guest’s request for their secret hummus recipe, claiming it to be “4 cups of chick peas, 1/4 tsp magic, and a pinch of garlic” going on to say “the unicorn corn tears make it spicy”. Eureka! We had our concept and went straight to pick up colorful paper, some scissors, a few glue sticks, and a little creative magic of our own.

The final concept showcased 5 different works of handmade art designed for digital, print, and outdoor mediums. Each held their own unique story and maintained a constant relationship with the product which was strategically built into every scene.

See them altogether below, and keep scrolling to dive deeper into this magical hummus world.