Rediscover the Magic… | Tennessee Valley Fair

Nostalgia is a powerful drug.

It often reminds us of a time we’d love to return to, if only for a moment.  It helps you recall the wonder and magic of a simpler time.  That’s why we chose nostalgia as our secret ingredient when creating our latest commercial for the Tennessee Valley Fair.  We wanted to capture the magic, the whimsy, if you will, that is the Fair.

Remember the excitement you felt as a child going to the Fair for the first time?   We do too!  So we thought, “what better way to get in touch with our childhood than with arts and crafts time?”!  With scissors in one hand and a hot glue gun in the other, we began hand-crafting everything from the ticket booth to the ferris wheel.  Once the pieces were in place, we had Jasper, the TN Valley Fair mascot, join us in our studio for some green screen action!  Finally, we removed the green and placed Jasper in the miniature world we created for him.  It’s that simple!  (well… maybe not that simple but you get the idea)

We hope you enjoyed the magic of the Fair in our new commercial, but more importantly, we hope you enjoy in person it this September!